'Infinite Custody' for Increased
Trust of Digital Asset Finance

InfiniteBlock’s Custody Service ‘Infinite Custody’
Provides The Best Infrastructure for Institutional
Investors for Safer Management of Digital Assets.


  • Internal control function to meet the needs of
    institutional customers

    For secure control and management of institutional assets,the assessment of
    internal corporate accounts can be separated and operated flexibly.

  • Introduction of the latest
    and most powerful key
    security solution

    To ensure key security, which is the most
    important part of asset storage,
    we preemptively introduced
    industry-leading technologies such as
    multi-signature and multi-party
    computation (MPC).

  • Compliance with digital
    asset regulations

    We strictly comply with all regulations
    applicable to the digital asset market,
    including the Act on the Reporting and
    Using Specified Financial Transaction
    Information (Specified Financial
    Transaction Information Act).

  • Simple and convenient
    UI / UX

    Offer easy and convenient asset control
    by providing the core functions
    necessary for companies to manage
    digital assets simply and conveniently.

  • Infinite custody dashboard function

    You can quickly check and respond to asset status
    through a dashboard using a simple UI/UX.

  • Internal control function
    for institutional investors

    Safe asset management starts with internal control.
    Infinite Custody provides systematic functions
    for thorough internal control of users.

  • Introduction of anti-money
    laundering system

    We introduced a specialized anti-money laundering solution
    to strengthen compliance
    with the Specified Financial Transaction Information Act
    for the safety of customer assets.